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We couldn't resist photographing Spencer Scott holding a peach. She's a Georgia peach if ever there was one. Succulent and sweet, she is all of 18 years old and dripping with charm. "I had braces and was rough-looking," she says of her early teen years, "but later I turned cute." We like to think of her as sun-ripened. We caught up with Miss October at the Playboy offices in Los Angeles. She is what you'd call bubbly--prone to frequent giggling spells--and her blue-green eyes sparkle when she smiles. Spencer was born and raised in the tiny town of Dallas, Georgia. "When people hear Dallas, they assume it's Texas," she says. "My Dallas is very country and in the middle of nowhere, about a 45-minute drive from Atlanta." Homeschooled, she was taught to speak without a Southern accent, though she can turn the magnolia in her voice on and off at will. "Sometimes it's better not to have it," she giggles. She says she doesn't feel she missed out by not having a proper graduation or prom night. She did, however, join a competition cheerleading squad called the Georgia All Stars. When she wants to be, she's all pom-poms and team spirit. Now that she's 18, Spencer has moved to L.A. with her Chihuahua, Dom. In the bright lights and big city she's pursuing her passion: acting. She has appeared on a pilot for the MTV show Singled Out (following in the footsteps of 1994 Playmate of the Year Jenny McCarthy) and tried out for a small part on Entourage. Not a bad start. Spencer's hoping her Playmate pictorial will alert Hollywood to a hot new talent in town. (Thus far only her family knows about her Playboy shoot. "It's going to be a big surprise to my friends," she says.) She also has a head for business and hopes to get a degree someday. She says she can see herself owning a spa. As for guys, Miss October is still overcoming the culture shock of L.A. and misses Southern gentlemen. "A guy has to have manners, be polite and treat me like a lady," she says, the hint of an accent creeping in. "L.A. guys don't have it for me. I don't get starstruck, either." Speaking of stars, we see big things in this young beauty's future. Don't count on her taking that midnight train back to Georgia anytime soon.

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