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You may find this hard to believe, but Stephanie Glasson, whose middle name might as well be Photogenic, never entertained the idea of modeling until one day last summer when she was approached by a Playboy scout in Virginia Beach. "Honestly, I didn't see what the photographer saw in me," says the 28-year-old, whose less than glitzy upbringing in Memphis, Tennessee (she moved to Virginia three years ago) has clearly kept her grounded. "I'm from humble beginnings. I have three sisters, and growing up we received only what we needed. But if one of us got a new pair of jeans, each of us got a new pair of jeans. Everything had to be fair." Everything, that is, except for who controlled the television remote. In Stephanie's estrogen-heavy household, her stepdad frequently lost out. "He loved sports, but he could never watch them in the house, she says. "We outvoted him." In college Miss July studied business administration and developed a passion for real estate. She now has her agent's license. "I love to meet people, talk to them and help them with their decisions," she says. "My goal is to start my own real estate company to offer weekly rentals to tourists. I think it's important to add little touches, like gift baskets and thank-you cards. I would also visit my clients and make sure everything was okay with their trip." When she's not making visitors feel at home, Stephanie can be found whooping it up Virginia Beach-style. "The largest naval base in the country is nearby," she says. "Because of all the guys, there's great nightlife." Her admitted penchant for men in uniform has resulted in brief flings with two Navy SEALs. "I don't want to date anyone who's cocky, but they sometimes give that impression," she says. "I like clean-cut, muscular guys who don't have a brick head. And I have a weakness for a Texas accent -- think Matthew McConaughey in How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days." Stephanie isn't ready to settle down -- at least not while the weather is warm. "As soon as winter hits I want to stay in, start a fire, light candles and watch TV," she says. "But last summer I was out every night. I made a million new friends. I love going to restaurants, especially if they serve calamari." And when the mood hits to visit family back in Memphis, Stephanie often makes the 17-hour road trip in one shot -- but not always alone. "I have a big car, so my two German shepherds, Kane and Shelby, go everywhere with me," she says. "Some people think Kane is vicious because he barks. But if you walk into my house, he'll lick you to death. Shelby is named after my home county in Tennessee. They're spoiled." We can imagine it now: In a few years Stephanie will have her own business and spend her free time traveling around the United States -- her man and man's best friends in tow. "I can see that," she says. "I'm not stressing over anything these days. I've learned that everything happens as it's supposed to happen, and that's how I live my life."

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