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Tiffany Selby reclines by a palm tree, wearing naught but a hat and a strand of beads, a cool Corona chilling in her hand. She's blonde and sun-kissed, and being from Florida, she knows her way around a sandy shoreline. The 25-year-old model also knows the business end of a camera, having been crowned Miss Baby Jacksonville at the age of one. When asked if she gave a speech, Tiffany cackles. "I think I was afraid of the little prince who won with me," she says. "In the pictures I have this look on my face that says, 'Don't touch me!'" Thankfully, Tiffany overcame her fear of both photos and fellas by the time she started modeling professionally at the age of 18. Now, as Miss July, she is in full blossom. Tiffany thanks 2006 Playmate of the Year Kara Monaco for bringing her to the magazine. The two met in Orlando and instantly clicked; now both beauties call Los Angeles home. As for her taste in romance, Tiffany says she likes to take a walk on the wild side. "I just had my ears pierced," she says, "but I had my tongue, nipples and belly button pierced before. I don't wear the rings when I'm modeling. Basically I'm a rock kind of girl. My perfect guy has tattoos and definitely has to have a sense of humor. I've modeled with pretty boys, and I get bored with them. Trying to get a conversation going with them is like pulling teeth. I like guys who are cool, laid-back and don't act like they are trying to impress." As for material matters, Tiffany confesses to one indulgence. "I'm a girlie girl," she says, "so I have a bad shopping habit. The jeans I like are sometimes more than $300. I'd like to start my own jeans company for women someday." In the meantime she's busy acclimating to the left coast. "You need fun activities to counteract the stress from all the bad drivers," she says. "I like going bowling or swimming with friends. I'm having a blast getting a feel for this city. I'm a take-it-one-day-at-a-time kind of girl."

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