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Florida-born Tiffany Fallon has a Dixie flair for putting everyone at ease, which explains how she has sashayed from one career choice to the next. "I dare myself to try things," she says. The 30-year-old earned a college degree in sports management and now gives the inside scoop on college football recruiting as a host at "I'm a sports fanatic," she says. "In high school I played volleyball and soccer and ran track. After I moved to Atlanta I became a Falcons cheerleader. We went to the Super Bowl in 1999 against the Broncos and lost, but I was happy just to be there. I had never cheered or danced professionally before." Her next adventure involved entering the Miss USA pageant, where, as Miss Georgia USA 2001, she finished as second runner-up. "The idea to do a pageant came after I worked as a flight attendant," she says. "I enjoyed being social with the passengers. I tried to look tailored--to be a throwback to the good old days. Sometimes I'd get in trouble because my skirt was too short or my hair wasn't right. I'd be like, 'I'm just trying to look fabulous, people!'" Next, country music star Toby Keith cast Tiffany as the playful vixen in his "Who's Your Daddy?" video. "Now I get recognized anywhere country music is popular," she says. "I have spoofed myself in other videos, playing everything from a farmer's daughter to a tap-dancing envelope. Glamorous, huh? But I like to make people laugh." Miss December's large extended family has holiday cheer to spare, dressing as pilgrims and Indians on Thanksgiving and as elves for Christmas. "For years I thought everyone did it," she says. "Now I look at pictures and think, Lunatics!" When asked what she wants from Santa Claus this season, Tiffany responds with a knowing smile. "I'm a low-maintenance person, I swear," she says. "I drive a pickup truck and wear jeans and a T-shirt every day. I've dated poor guys, millionaires and men in between. But there is a side of me that likes being spoiled. I love jewelry and I like tokens of affection, but I would just as well go to a football game and eat a hot dog and nachos. I just happen to love the old-fashioned way of being courted."

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