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Tamara Sky has been called the world's hottest DJ and "the turntable goddess," but we like to think of her as Miss August. Born and raised in Puerto Rico, the 22-year-old bronze beauty moved to Miami three years ago and discovered the city's sizzling nightclub scene. Listening to those thumping beats, she came down with a case of spin fever. Tamara practiced up to five hours a day for a month before landing her first DJ gig. Soon after, she met her manager, Dove, who booked her a second gig -- in CancĂșn. Miss August has since deejayed in Europe, Central America and throughout the U.S. She's always on the move, so much so that she doesn't know where home is anymore. "Coming up this year," Tamara says, "I have Dubai, Ibiza, France and South Africa on the agenda." She has also recorded her first vocal track and would like to try acting. "I want to do action movies," she says. "I'm into fighting and used to do kickboxing and jujitsu. I have five brothers, so I was always hanging with the boys. I'm kind of a tomboy. When I deejay, I have to dress like a girl, but otherwise I like to wear sweatpants and big T-shirts. I like to be comfortable and usually borrow pants from my guy friends." We suspect volunteers are already lining up.

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