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You look at this woman and think, Yes, she is beautiful. She is sexy. But she is so much more than that. We're willing to wager that in the time it takes to read this short article, you will fall in love with Miss November Sarah Elizabeth. She is that kind of girl: You spend an afternoon with her and find yourself wanting to spend every afternoon that way. Let's start at the top. Sarah was born in Phoenix, Arizona and lived there for most of her 23 years before moving to Panama City, Florida three years ago. "I moved here because I wanted a more laid-back vibe," she tells us. "The sign on the highway into town reads, THE WORLD'S MOST BEAUTIFUL BEACH, and it is. The sand is white and like sugar. The water is emerald green and blue, and when you're in a boat, you can see dolphins swimming underneath you. It's paradise." In some respects, Sarah is a perfect tomboy. She likes to spend her days in the water, throwing a football. She can play poker with the best of them, and as a matter of fact, she has a few tricks up her sleeve -- when she's wearing sleeves. Sarah considers deep-sea fishing one of her great passions. (No, we're not making this up.) "I've never caught anything big, like a marlin, but I've reeled in grouper, snapper, king mackerel," she says. "People don't want to take me fishing, though, because I like to catch and release." She cares about the fish! We adore this girl. But it gets better. After a day in the surf Sarah heads to her favorite beach dive. "I walk in and I don't have to tell them what I'm ordering," she says. A cold beer lands in front of her in seconds. "There's never more than 10 people in there. I walk in wearing jeans and flip-flops, with my hair in a ponytail, and put $5 in the jukebox. Then I'm good to go." Miss November may be casual off the clock, but when she's working she's all business -- sort of. She says she loves modeling and is as comfortable nude in front of a camera as some people are alone in the shower. "I'm a very sexual person and comfortable with my body," she says. "Modeling isn't work to me." You get the feeling she hangs out at her place looking as she does in these pictures even when there's no camera around. And when she's not working or lovingly releasing Moby Dick from a lure? Sarah would like to go to a game. "It's a five-hour drive to Atlanta," she says. "Maybe when the Braves play the Diamondbacks, my team from Arizona, I'll drive up there in my Diamondbacks attire and get booed." So let's add this up: She's a "very sexual person" who loves cold beer, deep-sea fishing, ball games, more cold beer and a hand of poker. We told you you'd fall in love.

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