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Sandra Hubby may be the only woman we know who is equally comfortable riding a jet to a modeling assignment in a far-flung locale and riding a tractor back on the farm. "I learned how to drive a tractor when I was 15," says the 25-year-old Ohio native. "My friends and I were always outside playing in the woods, building forts and that sort of thing. Now I live on a 100-acre farm without a neighbor in sight, so this summer I was driving around the whole spread, cutting hay." Although Miss March says she started daydreaming about being a model at the age of nine, she wasn't exactly the type to priss and preen. "Growing up I never cared about looking perfect every day," she says. "I would rather wear jeans and hang out with the guys." After high school Sandra even planned to become a Marine but did a career 180 just before she had to take her final oath and ship out. "I wanted to do stuff they wouldn't let a female do, like drive a tank," she says. "I was hoping to become a helicopter crew chief, but in my heart I really wanted to model and maybe act." The Corps' loss was our gain. Sandra has since earned her showbiz stripes working for Hawaiian Tropic and appearing in the Meg Ryan movie Against the Ropes. Still, she never strays far from the country for too long. "I grew up raising and training horses, and there are about 80 on my farm now," she says. "My horse, Angus, is there and we've bonded. He's a good boy -- I treat him as if he were my kid." While Sandra tries to figure out how to wed an entertainment career with a country lifestyle, she's putting plans for a real marriage on hold. "I'm not ready and don't know if I'll ever be," she says. "He would have to be an outdoors person, a man with a plan. I like a guy who looks good dressed down and yet can look handsome in a suit. I'm part Cherokee Indian and part Scottish, and I have a fantasy about getting married in a Scottish castle and living happily ever after. I wouldn't want to support a husband financially, because I think you should be able to take care of yourself. But if a guy wants to come and sweep me off my feet, sure. Why not?"

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