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Munich, Germany couldn't hope for a better walking billboard than 25-year-old Regina Deutinger. "I was born and raised here, and I live right downtown," she says. "As a child, I always looked forward to going to Oktoberfest; my parents first took me when I was four. I've actually worked at Oktoberfest the past three years. It's a blast." Still, life isn't all beer and Brezeln for this Deutschland treat. Although she can carry four full one-liter steins at once (in Munich they won't let you out of high school if you can't), you won't catch her knocking them back. "I have to admit I don't really like beer. When I do have one I order what's called a Radler, which is basically a shandy: pilsner mixed with lemon-lime soda." Gott im Himmel! She's obviously one to do her own thing, which may explain her easygoing style. "I'm not the type of girl who spends hours in front of the mirror, deciding what outfit to put on," she says. "I wear things I feel comfortable in. A nice tight pair of jeans and a tank top are perfect for me." Regina attended business school and hopes to run the family window-installation firm when her parents are ready to retire. Until then, why not travel? "I went to Courchevel, France recently, and it was the most beautiful place I've ever skied," she says. "I dream of one day visiting Hawaii and the Maldives." She'll always come home to Munich, though -- there's something to be said for staying put. "Most of all, I like to laze around in bed," she admits. We were just thinking something similar.

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