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Rainy Day Jordan is the Playboy Playmate for December 2011. Miss December Rainy Day Jordan's name is a misnomer as big as her home state of Texas. "It's totally ironic, because everyone knows me as this ridiculously sunny gal," the 20-year-old beams. How, then, did she wind up with that name? "For good luck," she explains. "My mom says we were in a big drought, and she thought she could make it rain by calling me Rainy. Honestly, it isn't that unusual a name in my family. My mom is Windi, my aunt is Dusti, and my great-aunt is Sandy. It's a farm thing." The granddaughter of farmers, Rainy revels in the small-town life offered by her west Texas stomping grounds. Her summers are filled with horseback riding, and her winters are spent plotting how to steal the local Christmas parade. "One year my sister and I strapped moose horns and a Rudolph nose on my dad's four-wheeler," says Rainy. "We won the award for best float, and a reporter from the local paper interviewed us for an article." A third-year nursing student, Rainy has long had her heart set on remaining in the Lone Star state, yet also on becoming a Playmate. And so she waited for us to come to her, lassoing her dream at a Dallas casting call. "I was never nervous about getting naked for my test shoots," she says, laughing, "because that's why I wanted to pose in the first place. Anybody can look pretty with their clothes on, but not everybody can take pictures with their clothes off." Though Rainy is now Miss December, her life forecast hasn't changed. "Becoming a Playmate wasn't ever about a gateway to other things; it was simply a goal. I still want to be a nurse and raise a family in Texas." Then she smiles like a ray of sunshine. "But this is the best Christmas present a girl could ever receive!

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