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Naja Irie is the Playboy Coed of the week April 21 2011. School: Golden West Community College Major: Psychology Playboy: How's college life at Golden West? Would you say the parties are "golden?" Naj'a: Golden West parties are the best parties I have ever been to. If you drink a little too much, there is always someone looking out for you and you never have to worry about immature people starting fights. Playboy: Have you always wanted to study psychology? Naj'a: In the past I considered majoring in cosmetology because that's what all of the pretty girls study. I'm going to study cosmetology next year. That way I can say I am a beauty with brains. Playboy: So what would you say all the pretty guys are studying? Naj'a: The major with the sexiest guys is any tech class. I think nerdy boys are the hottest. To learn more about attractive Naja Irie join Playboy Club and check out her unreleased photos and videos in the members area.

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