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Vivian, a model and content creator from Deerfield Beach, Florida, expresses that Playboy holds a significance beyond being just an entertainment magazine. According to her, Playboy showcases the beauty of women in a way that is artistic, admirable, and exquisite. Being a part of Playboy is considered an honor by Vivian, as she believes it has contributed to the growth of her confidence. Our introduction to Vivian came through her photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, and we were thrilled to collaborate with her. When describing herself, Vivian reveals that she is naturally an introvert. She cherishes a slow-paced lifestyle and finds joy in embracing life. A defining aspect of her personality is her daily ritual of stepping outside every morning to bask in the warmth of the sun on her skin.

  • Born:2001
  • Birthplace:United States of America
  • Height:165 cm / 5ft 4ins