Rara Knupps

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We are delighted to introduce Rara Knupps, an adult star and social media personality, to Playboy Plus! Rara hails from Pismo Beach, California, a charming beach town located just beyond Santa Barbara. She fondly speaks of her hometown, highlighting the small-town atmosphere and relaxed pace of life. Whenever she needs a break from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles, Rara enjoys returning to Pismo Beach for a detox and to spend time with her family.Rara possesses a unique and independent spirit that sets her apart. She proudly states, "I believe one of the defining aspects of my personality is that I have never been concerned about others' opinions. I carve my own path, unaffected by trends, and I value my independence greatly!" Like many models, Rara's introduction to Playboy came through watching "The Girls Next Door." She recalls, "Once I started watching, my life's trajectory and aspirations were forever altered. I am incredibly thrilled and honored to be able to check shooting for Playboy off my bucket list! This brand was one of the pioneers in empowering women to embrace their sexuality freely."

  • Born:1998
  • Birthplace:United States of America
  • Height:173 cm / 5ft 8ins