Carmen Vega

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Carmen Vega is a model, writer, and Playboy Creator from New York City. “My favorite part about living there is being able to wear whatever I want,” laughs Carmen. “I can leave the house in the craziest fur coat and high heels, and nobody cares. People aren’t as shocked by authenticity.” We first met Carmen through her photographer, Cassandra Keyes, and shot together on location in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. “To me, Playboy is the epitome of an embodied sex symbol. To be a part of it is truly iconic,” she says. “Getting the privilege of working with an entirely female team is rare in the modeling world. With that being said, working with Playboy has been an absolute pleasure. I am always searching for more opportunities to create art that reflects the feminine gaze.” Carmen is passionate about her work and about people. “I’m very passionate about helping people find their own path. In my experience, the happiest people are those who give themselves permission to be who they are in totality.” For Carmen, that’s her career. “The worries and anxieties of my day-to-day fade away [when I’m modeling], and I can immerse myself completely in the moment. It is total freedom.” See Carmen Vega’s pictorials only here on Playboy Plus!

  • Born:1996
  • Birthplace:United States of America
  • Height:173 cm / 5ft 8ins
  • Measurements:34C-26-37