Pmate Hunter

The state of Nebraska stands out for its beautiful spacious skies and amber waves of...Lindsay Wagner. No, we're not talking about the actress who played the bionic woman in the 1970s, although the 19-year-old Omaha native you see here has heard that rap her whole life and is cool with the coincidence. This Lindsay can't bend steel, but she's got a straight right that will have you seeing stars. "We have an Omaha Fight Club," she says, "and I'm a ring girl when my brothers compete. I don't fight, but I train in self-defense and practice with a lot of guys." We caught up with Miss November at the gym, and from the moment her clothes started to hit the canvas, we found ourselves gasping for oxygen. She has a perfect athletic body, and outside the ring she is a gentle, sweet young woman with an infectious laugh and an all-American smile. She says she has dreamed of being a Playmate since she was in sixth grade. How did she get here? It all started one day when a makeup artist who worked for an Omaha photographer took notice while Lindsay was working in a tanning salon (she's also studying to be a dental hygienist). Soon she was modeling swimsuits and lingerie. A Playmate pal, Miss October 2006 Jordan Monroe, sent Lindsay's pictures to the magazine. The next thing Lindsay knew, she was on a flight to Los Angeles for a test shoot. She'd never been on an airplane before. Once in front of the camera, she blossomed. "I thought I'd never make Playboy in a million years," Lindsay says. "I'm confident in the way I look, but you know how girls sometimes have the feeling they're not good enough to accomplish something? When the shoot began, though, I was really comfortable." As you can see, Lindsay is so hot she sets off smoke detectors. She's so hot she fogs up a room. She's so hot Al Gore could make a movie about her. Miss November has been having a lot of fun lately, hanging out with Playmates and attending Mansion parties. Nebraska's loss is L.A.'s gain.

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