Pmate Hunter

Kendall Rayanne is the Playboy Coed of the week August 16 2011. School: Mesa Community College Major: Psychology, Film and Media Production Playboy: What have you learned about college guys? Kendall: Their living space is disgusting. It seems as though they are all messy beyond belief. I never grew up with guys so this was a shock to me. Playboy: How do you unwind after studying? Kendall: If I'm not shopping or getting my nails done, I usually hang out with my friends by the pool playing volleyball. Playboy: Do you have a summer job? Kendall: I actually have three jobs. During the week I cocktail waitress at Toby Keith's Bar and Grill and spray-tan naked bodies as an airbrush technician. On the weekends I'm a bottle service hostess at a nightclub. I love my jobs and wouldn't know what to do if I had more free time! To learn more about gorgeous Kendall Rayanne join Playboy Plus and check out her unreleased photos and videos in the members area.

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