Pmate Hunter

Playboy Radio hostess and well-known swinger Holli Pockets gets a little naughty in this casting video by Holly Randall. Brown-haired, brown-eyed and generously busty, Holli wears a leather bustier and fishnets, but not for long – this is a Playboy casting, after all, and she just can’t wait to take it all off. In front of the lights and cameras, Holli starts to undress – first her top and panties, and last but not least, those sensuous black stockings. In nothing but a pair of heels, Holli is on full display – and forget about the radio, because with a face and body like hers, we’d take Miss Pockets up close and deliciously personal. “Being a swinger is like being single and in a relationship at the same time,” says Holli. “I really get the best of both worlds. My husband allows me to be free and be with women – and then I get to go home with him. How lucky am I?” Talk about every guy’s dream girl – swing sweet and low with the beautiful Holli Pockets, only on Playboy.

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