Pmate Hunter

Football fanatic Heather Knox won't have to travel far to watch this year's Super Bowl. The game's host city, Indianapolis, happens to be her hometown. Better still, as the newly minted Miss January 2012, she will be front and center at all of Playboy's Super Bowl weekend festivities. "Getting to watch the game from a suite at Lucas Oil Stadium will be the coolest thing ever," she says. "I keep forgetting how many opportunities being Miss January is going to bring me." The diehard Colts fan became a pigskin expert while working as a waitress at an Indiana sports bar. "I learned the game for the benefit of my bank account," she explains. "By understanding what was happening, I knew when not to interrupt a table of guys." She proved to be a quick study; until recently she was the only undefeated member of her fantasy football league. "My league is called Show Me Your TDs-say it fast and you'll realize a guy came up with the name." Heather has also developed her own call-"Ay yi yi yi yi!"-that she unleashes whenever she attends Colts games so as to better distract the visiting team's offense on third down. She is planning a similar shout of joy for when the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve. "I'm going to be really excited, because it will mean it's my Playmate month!" she exclaims. "Without a doubt, 2012 will be the most amazing year of my life."

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