Pmate Hunter

World travelers may recognize this fabulously beautiful woman. Her name is Giuliana Marino, and she is German Playboy's Playmate of the Year for 2006. Hef met her in Munich on a recent trip and found her charm irresistible. "He asked me if I wanted to come to America to be a Playmate," says the 20-year-old lovely. It was an offer she couldn't refuse, and now she is Miss April. You may be thinking, If Giuliana Marino is a German name, I'm a Wiener schnitzel. Actually, this bella donna is a full-blooded Italian but was raised in Deutschland. "I feel a bit schizo," she says in charmingly accented English. "When I go to Italy, I'm the German. And when I'm in Germany, I'm the Italian. Now when I'm in America, people don't know what to make of me!" Except a knockout, of course. Giuliana's ambition is to start a career in law enforcement and become a criminal profiler. "My uncle is a police officer in Rome in a special unit, and it sounds very exciting," she says. "I believe in justice. The police academy takes about two and a half years, and after that I want to be a young mom." We can't imagine what Giuliana would look like in a tight-fitting police uniform, but suffice it to say there's not a man alive who could resist this arresting officer.

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