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Courtney Anne is the Playboy Coed of the week August 2 2011. School: University of British Columbia Major: Business Management Playboy: How are you spending your summer break? Courtney: I like to go on vacation when school's not in session because it recharges me for the next semester. I had the time of my life in Los Angeles. I learned how to surf and attended a Playboy Mansion party. It was amazing! Playboy: Where's "party central" on your campus? Courtney: There's this place called The Well where everyone parties away. I've never gone there but I heard it can get wild with the drinking. I try and keep to my studies and not party too much. Playboy: What kind of study breaks do you take? Courtney: I'll party once in a blue moon. When I do, I'm usually the life of the party. I'm a chameleon that way. To learn more about graceful Courtney Anne join Playboy online and check out her unreleased photos and videos in the members area.

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