Pmate Hunter

Connie Yo is the Playboy Coed of the week October 20 2011. Playboy: Tell us how you really feel about deadlines. Connie: I actually love the pressure of meeting a deadline. It forces me to get something out with enough time for a couple of intense editing sessions, rather than lingering over a paper for weeks and obsessing over every word. Playboy: Which Arkansas academic department has the sexiest coeds? Connie: Journalism, of course! We're inquisitive and have to be aggressive to get all of the answers for a story. And we can pull off the sexy librarian look. Playboy: What's worse-a guy with no books in his house or a guy with lots of unfavorable ones? Connie: That's tough. Both are pretty scary! I would have to say a guy with no books at all is worse. Reading garbage is better than not reading at all. To learn more about loely Connie Yo join Playboy Girls and check out her unreleased photos and videos in the members area.

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