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Sun-kissed Brittany Binger has just returned from a bodyboard adventure at Manhattan Beach, a short drive from her home in California. With her hair tousled from shore breezes and some grains of sand still visible on her coppery skin, she looks every bit the quintessential California girl. People tell her she resembles a young Denise Richards, which flatters her. But before the 20-year-old model moved to the Golden State last year, she was leading a less Pacific lifestyle on her parents' dairy farm in a small Ohio town. "I love animals," she tells us. "I used to wake up at five in the morning, follow my dad around and name all the cows." From the looks of her, Brittany's farm-girl days are behind her. Miss June is a natural in front of the camera. "My grandma is a photographer, and she submitted my pictures to a modeling agency when I was 14," she says. Her exotic features--the result of a German-Cherokee heritage--as well as her love affair with the lens led to steady modeling work and a recent CSI: NY appearance. A few more TV performances and she'll have her SAG card. She may have quickly acclimated to her new environment, but Brittany is still a small-town girl at heart. "I'm down-to-earth, kind of goofy and a homebody," she confesses. "I don't go out to clubs. I was rowdy in my teens and got it out of my system. Now I'm the one who gets beeped at by irate people for driving too slowly." Brittany's plans for the future: more work, more California sunshine and, someday, a family of her own. "What I want is to find joy in the basic things that are important," she says. With a head that wise atop a physique that luscious, there's little doubt Brittany will find all she's after and more.

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