Pmate Hunter

Cybergirl Briana Ashley gets up close and very, very personal in this slow, seductive video. All done up in a black lace bra, garters and a skimpy little thong, Briana could get any guy’s heart rate going – and if you think that she looks good in lingerie, just wait until you see her in the buff. “I think my best quality is my calm, mellow attitude,” she says. “A lot of girls in LA are stuck up, but not me. I’m down to earth. That’s what I look for in a man, too – hands down, my biggest turn-on is confidence.” We don’t know about you, but we think Briana’s best qualities are her long, slender legs. “I love being a tall girl,” she confirms with a smile. Life is beautiful with Cybergirl Briana Ashley, right here on Playboy.

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