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Athena Lundberg is named after the Greek goddess of war, but it's instantly apparent that this 19-year-old California native is a lover, not a fighter. Take, for example, her thoughts on New Year's resolutions: "I don't like making them, because no one ever sticks to them," she says. "I don't know. Maybe I'll make a resolution to hold up on the sex a bit. I'm like a nympho or something. I try to get it every day when I'm with someone." Or her love of nudity: "I'm always naked around the house, or just in a bra." Or her youthful joie de vivre: "I'm not scared to do anything. Roller coasters, skydiving, eating worms--bring it on! I love riding fast on horses and would do it every day if I could. I think I'd win on Fear Factor." We wouldn't bet against her. Miss January's winning spirit and confidence in her sex appeal made her a shoo-in on Playboy TV's Sexy Girls Next Door contest. The competition was tight, but Athena's stunning blue eyes and disarming smile blew our judges away. Her winning secret? Whenever you see paparazzi jockeying for a shot, start taking off your clothes. Get your cameras ready, boys! But don't worry; Athena's success hasn't spoiled her yet. "I don't want people to think that being a Playmate has gone to my head," she says. "When I look at an issue, I think, I don't even compare with those beautiful girls. I still don't believe it. When I see my picture in the magazine, then I'll be happy." That's one holiday wish we're pleased to grant.

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