Pmate Hunter

AJ Alexander lives her life in the fast lane and has a combination of beauty and spirit that keeps our engines revved. AJ (that's right, like an expectant mother, AJ has no periods) grew up in Evansville, Indiana, just a three-hour drive (or less, if you know how to use a gas pedal) from the fabled Brickyard, where another A.J. -- the legendary A.J. Foyt, you'll recall -- was a four-time winner of the Indianapolis 500. One of Miss May's happiest memories is of time spent at her father's go-kart track, racing the go-karts or hanging around the arcade and playing Pole Position, her video game of choice(as you should have guessed). Now AJ has a new outlet for her love of racing: Notice how the fiery 27-year-old model's curves complement the streamlined Nissan 350GT Playboy Racing Team car on the following pages. (This car is only one of several hot vehicles co-sponsored by the Rabbit that have competed at speedways across the country.) AJ also enjoys racy adventures of a different sort. "I'm not as innocent as I look," she says with a mischievous grin. She confesses an affinity for ripped abs -- and eating fruit off them. "I do love pineapple," she says, laughing. "Everyone reads me as this sweet, shy goody-goody. It's true and it's not true." Trained to work as a dental assistant, AJ (which is short for Amanda Jane) shifted into modeling and acting a few years ago, about the time she moved to Orange County, California. After several appearances in Playboy Special Editions she won a role as a deaf DJ ("I actually had to learn sign language") in the comedy American Summer. On the film set AJ met Miss August 2001 Jennifer Walcott, who shared some advice on how to score a Centerfold. "I consider her my big sister and a good role model," says AJ, who appreciates Jennifer's generosity. "I hope to be the same for another girl someday." Meanwhile, she is enjoying what fate has brought her way. "I always wanted to model, but I thought I would live in a small town forever and have limited opportunities. Now I say, 'Thanks, Playboy!' I love it."

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