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When Aliya Wolf strides into our office for this interview, we can almost hear her amazing cheekbones slicing through the air as she approaches. "I'm half German and half American Indian, so I have very sharp features," she says, almost apologetically. "People assume that I'm very stern, so I go out of my way to smile a lot, because otherwise I look like the Terminator." Dressed in a fluffy white robe that she wears between photo shoots, the so-not-Arnold-looking 28-year-old Texan tells us she started modeling as a child when her mother entered her in beauty pageants. "She took me out of them when I was six because she saw all the stage moms with kids turning out like little brats," she says. At 19 Aliya returned to modeling and became Miss Houston USA 1994 and a spokesmodel on Star Search. She married and lived in New Orleans and Canada before returning to Houston with her now three-year-old daughter, Zahra. "My ex-husband and I are best friends, and Zahra is our number one priority," she says. "I bought a quarter horse named Shasta Suntan for my daughter. When I put Zahra up on the horse, she lies down and wraps her arms around Shasta and kisses and pets her. There's something magical between little girls and horses." We heard Miss February likes riding things with a little more horsepower, such as her Harley-Davidson motorcycle. "I always rode on the back of my girlfriend's Harley, and all the guys thought she was totally hot, so I bought my own," she says. "I've had my license for about a year. Recently I went to a biker rally in Austin where all types of people on their hot rods and choppers ride down Sixth Street looking cool. The girls take off their clothes. It's really wild. I'm more of a weekend biker -- not real hardcore or anything. Most guys I know already have their own bikes, so they're not into getting on the back of mine, but I do take my girlfriends for rides. It's empowering, because so few girls drive Harleys, and I think it's fun to step out of your life for a little while." When we ask Aliya if she likes badass guys to go with her badass bike, she blushes and bats her eyes innocently. "While I love to go out and have a good time, I also love staying home, doing normal things," she says. "I can't see myself getting serious with a guy who's into the party lifestyle. My fantasy is being with someone with whom everything just comes naturally, someone who is respectful and doesn't try to change me too much. Of course, he also has to be sexy, beautiful, hot and a lot of fun, but those things are a given!" Although Aliya confesses she's had her share of wild nights, she says she has other priorities now. "There's something to be said for having routine in your life -- it grounds you," she says. "One thing I'd like to do is go back to school and study law. I don't think it's ever too late to get your degree, because my grandmother just got her doctorate in psychology, and she's 70. They say if you meet God halfway, then he'll do the rest. Whatever I'm meant to do, I hope it's fun and I can enjoy it as long as I can."

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