Pmate Hunter

She's youthful, vibrant, full of energy and about to graduate with a master's degree from Playboy-accredited party school San Diego State University. The last subject you might guess 24-year-old Alison Waite would specialize in is gerontology, the study of aging--that is, until you hear about the super octogenarian who inspires her. "My grandmother is my number one supporter and has always represented fun in my life," says Alison. "This is a woman who wore pink hot pants to my mom's graduation and has a sweatshirt that reads, How The Hell Did I Get This Old? When I was in college my grandma would send little packages to me at the dorms with holiday-themed thongs or G-strings inside. She got a kick out of it. I got into this field partly because I think it's very important to live a full and meaningful life by continuing to do the things we enjoyed when we were younger." Although studies are her top priority, Miss May admits with a mischievous grin that it wasn't always so. "In high school I was more preoccupied with boys and didn't apply myself," she says. When asked what a man needs to lure her away from her books, Ms. Waite is quick with a reply. "I want someone to challenge me and make me want to be a better person--someone I can have a conversation with. And there's something sexy about a guy who can cook, because I like to eat. I don't care if it's just an omelet." As it turns out, food has been good to Alison; waiting tables at Hooters not only financed her way through college but also got her into a Playboy Mansion party. There she met Kimberly Conrad Hefner, who lives next door to the Mansion and remains close to Hef. "She asked if I was a Playmate, and I said I was just there for the evening. She smiled and said, 'Oh no. You should pose.' She set up a meeting, and here I am. What afluke coincidence! I think she is phenomenal." Our cover girl explains that she likes to work hard and play hard and that this balance is the key to life. "I can't do anything halfway--it's all or nothing," she says. "My way of relaxing is to go to the beach with my pug, Makoa; his name is Hawaiian for 'courageous warrior.' " As Alison happily plays in the sand with her little warrior pup, we can't help but think that this insightful, down-to-earth young woman will, like her grandmother, be content at any age. Still, when we ask her when she would stop the clock if she could take a magic pill that would keep her the same age forever, she doesn't miss a beat. "Right now," she says. "I'm just thrilled about this ride I'm on."

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