Pmate Hunter

First off, that name. In an age where names get changed at a whim, Tawnni Cable still has the one she was born with. She has the birth certificate to prove it. Still, when Miss June introduces herself, she gets looks that say, "Suuuure!" She doesn't even like the name that much. To her, it sounds like tanned phone lines. Tawnni is, however, tawny. Her Waikiki tan - a shade darker than the pictures in Hawaiian Tropic ads - can be seen in swimsuit calendars sold to panting men all over Oahu. She is also impossible to pigeonhole. Raised in rainy Northwest Oregon, she has carried on a lifelong love affair with the sun, surf and sand. Too free-spirited to tolerate a clock-punching job, she nevertheless wears two wristwatches when she travels - one set for local time, the other for Hawaii time. She once spent a stint as the rarest of combinations, a busty New York fashion model. "I was as skinny as the rest of them," she says, "but I had boobs." On Waikiki Beach, she usually tans in glowing green and orange bikinis; off the beach, she wears black. Once a "wild and crazy girl", she now pines for monogamy and motherhood.

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